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1/5 Scale RC Gasoline Monster Trucks 32CC HSP 4WD and Parts Supplier.

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1/5 Scale RC Gasoline Monster Trucks 32CC HSP 4WD and Parts Supplier.


HSP 94050 Gas Truck 1:5 Touring rc Truck


1. Engine: 32CC 
2. Steering servo:27KG-cm Throttle servo:9KG-cm
3. Length:740mm
4. Width:600mm
5. Height:350mm
6. Net Weight:15.2KG. Gross Weight:17.5KG
7. Wheelbase:516mm(F/R)
8. Drive way:up right drive
9. Chassis:4mm thickness.Aluminum6061T6 Ground Clearance:72mm
10. Wheel Diameter:212mm wheel rims color:black
11. Fuel Tank Capacity:700cc
12. Drive system:Two wheel suspension drive system
13. Diffirential System:CNC process metalgear
14. Brake Syetem:double brake sisc turn round sytem
15. Gear Ratio:7.78:1
16. Receiver battery/charger:1500/2000mAh,Ni-MH battery
17. Body:anti-explode,high resistance
18. Camber Ange 1:0.8
19. Out of control protection: Standard protection equip

1.High quality main/diff.gears . 
2.Two wheel centre drive system.solid universal joint cups.high performance full ball bearing.
3.Fiberglass brake disc provides quick brake response under high temperature.
4.Wheel rim is assembled and secured by 24 screws enable the tire and wheel rim are not seperated while high speed running.
5.Fold stylish and solid full anodized aluminum 6061chassis. 
6.New design solid roll Cage protects the inner instruction perfectly. 
7.Perfect design and extra width front/rear suspension arm .
8.Powerful engine system with air filter.full aluminm polished Exhaust pipe. 
9.Enhanced suspension arm system,solid front/rear shock tower.
10.High quality unleaded Gasoline+Stroke oil mixture to start your engine

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